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Engineering Monsters

CNC Routing Cape Town is proud to say that we have taken the cutting capacity of these CNC Routing Machines to its limits, in order to supply our client with what they require.


1. Repairing of Sand Casting Moulds that was done by other companies

This was what we received


This is what we supplied after it was build up and re-machined



2. We have done Aluminium 3D Moulds was done up to 40mm thick.








We were contacted by  a company who asked us if we could cut a plug for a nose of an airplane.

The client supplied us with a .iges drawing of the nose, we supplied the client with an estimate of what it would cost and the result of the acceptance is below.



This picture shows you the number of layers required to complete the job and how it was assembled.





Each block is glued together and then placed on the machine. Each layer was 210mm thick.

Special cutters were used for this job.

First you rough the excess material away till it looks something like the picture below

Once the roughing is done we used a smaller ball nose cutter to get to the finished product.

The holes you see above were used to orientate the different layers accurately.
Below is the final product.


Keep an eye on this page. We will be updating it with new and interesting jobs as we do them.



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