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Here you will find general information that might help you.


  • How do I make my dream a reality?

The best way to do this is to send us a CAD file in one of the following formats: dwg, dxf, iges, igs, step, stp, plt, 3dm, ai, eps, stl, or the original Corel Draw file. Please include as much information as possible and send the file to us scale 1:1. If you do not have access to a program that can export to one of these files, you can send us a detailed drawing of the product and we will re-draw it in the appropriate program. We will then supply you with a quote, should you accept the quote we then commence with the creation of your dream.


  • How do I obtain a quote?

Send us the CAD drawing or detailed sketch. We then create the cnc tool path as if we where going to cut the job. Our cutting software then supplies us with an estimated time for cutting and we use that time to quote you. So there is no thumb sucking and you have a realistic estimate of how much your dream will cost.


  • How do I place an order?

Sign the  Estimate sent to you, fax it to us and we will commence with the creation of your dream.

If Deposits are paid electronically or deposited at a bank, please fax proof of payment for us to start with the order.


  • How does your pricing structure work?


The rates are R150.00 for the first 32 minutes or part there of, there after we work on a cutting rate of R4,75 excl. VAT and material per minute, thus if the job is completed in 43 minutes, we only charge for the 43 minutes excl. VAT and material. (E&OE)


  • What is your turn over time?

Our turn over time is 1 - 3 days depending on the quantity of cutting required as well as the size of the order. We always strive to get the work done as fast as possible without compromising quality.


  • What programs are you running?

Enroute 3, Visual Mill 5, Rhinoceros 3, Corel Draw 12, Corel Photo Paint 12.


  • What size cutters do you use?

We normally have cutters that range from 0.5mm to 25mm in stock. We prefer not to use the 0.5mm - 2mm cutters as they break easily, but should you request them they are available. Keep in mind though, generally speaking the smaller the cutter the slower you go and working out more expensively.


  • What is the biggest product you can make?

We can cut any size product, but when it exceeds 3000mm(length) x 2000mm(width) x 210mm (height) we need to start splitting the product up into components. So with that in mind the overall product size has no limits but the part maximum size is 3000mm x 2000mm x 210mm. Please check ENGINEERING MONSTERS for an example.


  • What does CNC stand for?

Computer Numerical Control.


  • What does CAD stand for?

Computer Aided Design.


  • If I have a sample but no computerized drawing and I want a duplicate made, can you help me?

Of course, if we are not able to take measurements off of the sample we will just simply digitize it in.


  • What is digitizing?

It is a optical laser that is attached to the cnc routing machine allowing it to scan in the edge of a sample thus converting the router into a large scale scanner.


  • How accurate are your products?

Our machines are able to produce products to a tolerance of 0.01mm.



Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact any of our friendly sales staff.


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