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There are always a demand for technically skilled staff.

Please feel free to e-mail your CV to management@cncrouting.co.za

for an evaluation and a possible job offer


If you are not informed within 10 working days, your application should then be regarded as unsuccessful.

Requirements for an successful job at CNC ROUTING CAPE TOWN:


We are constantly looking for a young people who are willing to learn to become specialized in an fairly new trade

Academical Qualifications and Skills Required:

  1. Academical Grade 12  with Mathematics and Technical Drafting

  2. Fitting and Turning Background

  3. Computer Literate

  4. AutoCAD or any CAD experience as an advantage

  5. Tidiness

  6. Language: Afrikaans and English


Leading Hands

  1. Academical Grade 12 

  2. Fitting and Turning Background

  3. Proper Deburring of various materials

  4. Tidiness

  5. Language: Afrikaans and English



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